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By submitting a source text for translation, a translated text for proofreading, revising or booking interpreting services “The Client” enters into a binding agreement with Burak Baytu T/A Baytu Enterprises (referred, hereafter as “Baytu Linguistics”) covered by the following terms and conditions of Service:

  1. Translations.
    1. “Baytu Linguistics” undertakes to supply high quality translations only. We aim to translate source text or documents as accurately and literally as possible, but we may reword the translated form to improve the readability and comprehensibility. When commissioning a work “The Client” shall clearly indicate the intended use of the translation and profile of the target readers so as to enable “Baytu Linguistics” to assess its potential liability in relation thereto. “Baytu Linguistics” accepts no responsibility for the translation being used for any purpose other than that it is expressly made known to “Baytu Linguistics” by “The Client” at the commencement of the work. When the intended use of the translation is not specified, “Baytu Linguistics” executes the translation to the best of its skills and judgment, however will not be liable to “The Client” as a result of such disclosure. If “The Client” wants to use the translation for any another purpose than originally supplied, “The Client” shall obtain the confirmation of “Baytu Linguistics” that the translation is appropriate for the new purpose.
    2. If any amendments, revisions required or changes to the source text advised or the translation required before the specified deadline or as such after commencement of translation by “The Client”, “Baytu Linguistics” reserves the right to request additional or supplementary urgency charges. Under such circumstances, “The Client” will be responsible for the delay and any respective consequences as a result. “The Client” shall check any form of official translation and “Baytu Linguistics” shall be informed if any changes or amendments are required before the release of final translation.
    3. Unless a notice of cancellation or suspension is given before the commencement of work, cancellation will be subject to a 50% charge invoiced to “The Client” or charge of completed parts. There will be no refunds for completed or delivered work.
    4. “Baytu Linguistics” reserves the right to subcontract all or part of the work undertaken to a contractor of its choice.
  2. Definitions.
    Burak Baytu T/A Baytu Enterprises will be referred to as “Baytu Linguistics” and the purchaser shall be referred to as “The Client”. Any translation, interpreting, proofreading or any other language related services or any work undertaken or supplied by “Baytu Linguistics” or any of his sub-contractors will be referred to as “Work”.

  3. Clearances for publication or other use
    “The Client” agrees to complete responsibility for obtaining any clearance required in order to publish or use anything translated within the scope of these Terms and Conditions, and will indemnify “Baytu Linguistics” in respect of any liability in relation thereto.

  4. Urgent works
    “Baytu Linguistics” will use its reasonable endeavours to make sure that any deadline specified “The Client” is met, but “The Client” agrees that “Baytu Linguistics” is not responsible for any loss damages and/or costs suffered by “The Client” as a result of any deadline being exceeded.

  5. Copyright
    Unless otherwise declared “The Client” confirms that it owns the copyright in the source and target texts, “The Client” undertakes to constrain “Baytu Linguistics” from any harm arising from any claim and legal action including but not limited of breach of copyright, translation rights. The Copyright of the translation is the property of “Baytu Linguistics” and will be passed on to “The Client” after the full payments of the respective translation.

  6. Interpreting
    In the event of an interpreter being supplied for a simultaneous or ad-hoc assignment all documents and information relating to that assignment shall be forwarded to “Baytu Linguistics” for preparation of the assignment. If these materials are not made available in advance of the assignment, no complaints about the quality of the interpreting can be entertained. “Baytu Linguistics” shall charge the full service fee if the interpreter is unavoidably late but is still required to perform the assignment. “Baytu Linguistics” will not be held liable for failure on the part of the interpreter to any obligations with regards to “The Client’s” task(s). If the interpreter is unable to attend the assignment due to sickness, injury or any other unforeseen reason “Baytu Linguistics” will endeavour to arrange a substitute interpreter immediately and notify “The Client” but no liability is accepted by “Baytu Linguistics” for failing to do so. Cancellation fees is payable by the following scale: cancellation more than 30 days before the date on which the interpretation is due to begin 50% percent of the anticipated fees; cancellation between 15 and 30 days before the date on which the interpretation is due to begin, 75% percent of the anticipated fees; cancellation less than 15 days before the date on which the interpretation is due to begin, the full anticipated fees of the order. “The Client” accepts that during the assignments the interpreter shall be under the sole direction of “The Client”, “The Client” will ensure that it has adequate insurance cover any injuries sustained by the interpreter during the term of the assignment.

  7. Quotations
    Verbal quotations are not binding and for information only. Written quotations remain valid for 10 days from the date of the quotation, unless stated otherwise. “Baytu Linguistics” will provide a formal written quotation upon receiving the source text or a language service assignment and reserves the right to request additional charges, explaining the reasons for the additional charge. All prices quoted are net prices and clients are responsible to cover for any transfer costs and other bank charges.

  8. Liability
    Under this agreement the liability of “Baytu Linguistics” shall not exceed the amount paid for the service or services provided

  9. Force Majeure
    “Baytu Linguistics” shall endeavour to meet the completion date specified by “The Client” and any delay or failure occurs due to unexpected reason (including but not limited to suppliers or subcontractors failure, shortage of labour, fire, severe or exceptional weather conditions, industrial action or any other cause whatever beyond “Baytu Linguistics’” control) shall not under any circumstances be regarded as a breach of contract and “The Client” is not entitled to withhold payment for work carried out.

  10. Delivery Policy
    Method of provision of translation, interpreting or any other service to be agreed prior to work being undertaken and denoted in estimates, quotes and pro-forma invoices.

  11. Payments
    Unless otherwise agreed in writing by “Baytu Linguistics”, all payments for all types of work must be paid in advance.

  12. Confidentiality
    “Baytu Linguistics” shall treat all materials and information received from “The Client” as confidential and shall forthwith, on demand, return to “The Client” such confidential materials. “The Client” agrees and accepts that “Baytu Linguistics” can share any material and information received from “The Client” with professional subcontractors as deemed necessary by “Baytu Linguistics”. Materials or information, detailed records including emails, source texts submitted for translation or assignment and their translated version and the translation will normally be kept for a period of 3 months or until payment is received. “Baytu Linguistics” will not distribute any personal details to marketing or other similar companies and comply with the relevant provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

  13. Governing Law
    All contractual agreements between “Baytu Linguistics” and “The Client” shall be interpreted in accordance with UK law under the jurisdiction of the UK Courts.

  14. Disclaimer
    Information on this website is for general information only and it is subject to change without notice.


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