Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have only 1 page to be translated. How much will it cost?

It is impossible for me to quote a price without seeing the documents first. There are several factors that make up for the final cost and the word count is but only one of them. There is the format in which the original document is presented, possible tables that may be in the document content and finally the authority to which the document with the sworn translation will be presented. Different procedures and authorities require different ways of approval. On top of the Sworn Translation certification by me, there may be other certifications (ie. Apostille, TBCCI certification, Consulate approval) required. I can provide you a 1-stop solution and have these all prepared to your need, however in order for me to be able to quote you for these, you'll need to send me the document copy first (preferably by email).

Therefore, preferably, email me the scanned copy of the documents or at least try to take a photo with your phone (shot straight from the top) and Whatsapp or email it to me, so that I can at least give you an estimate pricing.

Are you a Sworn Translator?

YES! The title "Sworn Translator" is granted in very different ways in Turkey and the UK. However, I can provide you the "Sworn Translation" services in both countries.

Do you have the TBCCI membership that the Turkish Consulate in London requires?

YES! As a Sworn Translator I also have full TBCCI membership.

How will I make the payment to you?

Once you send / email / message me your documents, I will quote you a price. If you approve of the price, I will send you my bank details. Once you have  made your payment, I will start your translation and than email it to you.

I can provide you bank accounts to pay in both in Turkey and in the UK.

How will I receive the translated documents from you?

You do not need to receive hard copies of every translation. For any document that has been translated and (sworn) authenticated that you will be submitting to the United Kingdom authorities, you will not need have a hard copy. UK authorities will simply run checks (if they feel the need) through the NRPSI details that I will be providing on the translated document. This will speed up the process immensely.

For any document that will be submitted to the Turkish authorities, a hard copy of the document along with a stamp / signature will be required.

Where do I need to come if I will need to collect the document in person? Where are you based?

I live in London, N1 but since this is my home, where time permits, I prefer to send out the translated document by Recorded mail, which I will always inform you about in advanse whether this is necessary and if so, I will include the postage in my pricing to you. 

To establish whether you require a hard copy and therefore want to collect in person, please see the previous question.

Is there an additional charge for posting?

I charge £10.00 for processing and posting the document as registered mail (which will be added to your final bill if we establish that you do require a hard copy). 

How can I contact you?

You can call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or send me a Whatsapp message. Although, I do tend to work over the weekends and at nights as well, I will appreciate if you will not email me at 11pm or 6am!



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