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Burak Baytu


Professional, Turkish - English Translator / Interpreter since 1997.

As a qualified, accredited Translator / Interpreter I am providing services in courts, police stations, Border Agency, NHS, Councils as well as in the private industry.

Burak Baytu


Translation Steps

Receiving the files

First, to give you a price and a turn around time, we ask you to scan and email the documents to us. We ask you to clarify where you'll be submitting the files (so we can tell you the correct certification process and related prices) and write your phone number as .

Translation and Certification Assessment

Next, we assess your documents in terms of turn around time, translation price, certification and certification costs. Once you make your decision and confirm the job with us, we start the project.


Upon receipt of your approval, we send you our bank details for the payment.

Translation Process

With receipt of your payment, we start the translation (and certification, if applicable) to complete the whole process within the given duration of time.

Sworn Translation & Certification

If the translation requires any further certification other than a Sworn Translation approval (ie. TBCCI approval, Consulate approval, Apostille / Foreign Office approval), we provide those as well and hand you the final, "ready to use" document.

Delivery of Translation

Upon completion of the translation of the documents, we return you the final documents either by email or post, depending on the type of procedure done and the department you'll be submitting it to.

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